Gagnum Style Fall Into Fitness Workout Playlist

To quote PSY, “Less classy. More Cheesy”. What more can I say when it comes to this Fall Into Fitness Workout Playlist?  So don’t overthink it. Just have some fun moving your body to that infectious beat.

1. Gangnam Style—PSY (3:39)
2. Americano/Dance Again—Glee Cast Version (3:35)
3. Starships—Glee Cast (3:33)
4. Call Me Maybe—Glee Cast Version (3:13)
5. Felt—Glee Cast Version (3:26)
6. What Makes You Beautiful—Glee Cast Version (3:18)
7. You Can’t Touch This—Glee Cast Version (4:07)
8. Don’t Stop the Music-The Treblemakers Pitch Perfect Soundtrack (3:05)
9. Bellas Finals: Price Tag/Don’t You Forget—The Barden Bellas (3:37)
10. Love Song—Adele (5:16)