How to lose belly fat fast and learn the best flat abs sculpting exercises! 

If you want to lose belly fat and get flat, sculpted abs or core, you have to do two separate workouts. One is strength training to sculpt your abs/core flat with countless boring crunches. The second workout equals hours of intense aerobic exercise workouts to lose your stubborn, top layer of belly fat!

BURN 1,000 Calories per Hour!

The patented, 3-dimensional specialty long tubing Core Transformer total body ab core workout creates a constant resistance that keeps you in your optimal belly fat-burning zone. You'll build lean muscle in all the right places, plus sculpt your shoulders, tame that triceps jiggle, build a tighter butt, a strong back, and of course, you will sculpt your abs flat and chiseled every time! You'll see results in one month or less-guaranteed. It's the ultimate total body core exercise tubing workout created to melt off your belly fat fast.

Developed by trusted, core performance guru, Linda LaRue RN MEd, The Core Transformer, is a revolutionary new total body ab core workout that torches off that top layer of belly fat fast by BURNING an incredible 1,000 calories per hour! (*Testing by Body Bugg analysis.) So you'll blast total body fat, while always zeroing in on your abs first. In addition to melting off your belly bulges, the Core Transformer also tightens your deepest core muscles just like a natural abdominal girdle. In fact University testing showed that the Ab Core Transformer engages a whopping 622 percent more of your core and ab muscles than a standard floor crunch!. Isn’t it time that you transform your mid-section forever and finally get those flat, sculpted abs of your dreams--and train the rest of your body too?