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Core Transformer® Ab Core 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout Kit

Core Transformer® Ab Core 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout Kit
Kick it to the core. Go 3D! This exciting new total body ab core workout kit, including The Core Transformer specialty, super-long exercise tube and 3D 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout DVD, is the ultimate 1,000 CALORIE-PER-HOUR workout. The insider’s fat-burning secret is the Core Transformer’s unique, Constant Resistance Training Method that creates a dual cardio and muscle-building workout that will help you lose belly fat fast!
This workout takes athletic sports-specific exercises developed by celebrity trainer Linda LaRue, and makes them fun—not frustrating–by training your entire body from every angle—top-to-bottom, front-to-back and side-to-side with minimal impact to the joints. This fat-blitzing DVD contains three, total body core-burning workouts that will shrink-wrap every muscle around your midsection (especially your deepest core muscles) to provide sleek, chiseled abs and a sexy waistline, and get you in the best shape of your life—fast. This kit will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go regarding your fitness goals. The Core Transformer® is the perfect, go-anywhere instant gym solution!
No gimmicks--just your body and our bands!
This kit includes three, complete total body ab core workouts with plenty of modifications for beginner to advanced fitness enthusiast and our newly designed super long and durable Core Transformer specialty resistance exercise band:
Workout 1: 20 Minute 3D BURN Express is a quick, 300 calorie-burning total body core workout with athletic core performance with Pilate's and yoga inspired progressive movement sequences that easily fits into your busy day because it’s only 20 minutes (including a quickie stretch)! The fat-basting abs routine includes our favorite 3D standing moves that shape your mid-section fast and also train all your major muscle groups from the inside out.
Workout 2: 40 Minute 3D BURN uses the Core Transformer® specialty super-long exercise tube for leaner body-sculpting, constant-resistance exercises that reach your deepest core muscles and the rest of your body, and help you smoke 600 PLUS calories in record time.
Workout 3: 60 Minute 1,000 Calorie 3D BURN targets your ENTIRE body beginning first and always with your flatter abs to build a strong back, a firm core and midsection and a balanced body. If your goal is a defined waistline and lightning-fast weight loss, take this 1,000-CALORIE BURN CHALLENGE!
Core Transformer® Specialty, Super-Long and sturdy exercise resistance tube recommended to heights up to 5'10" tall. Elite Pro Band recommended for taller heights up to 6'5". *The super long and durable specialty Core Transformer Exercise Resistance Tube is made from sustainable rubber trees, so it’s an eco-friendly product.
$ 39.00