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Core Transformer Instruction Manual

Core Transformer Instruction Manual
Kick it to the core. Go 3D! Our fifty-two page Core Transformer® Instruction Manual with easy-to-follow color movement photos and instructions created by our team of top athletic performance pros will give you all the information you need to develop your own total body core regimen. Discover the next evolution of 3-dimensional, total body core workouts created our team of top, athletic enhancement and group exercise specialists using the perfect resistance band.
Our super-long and durable athletic performance specialty exercise resistance bands allow you to comfortably train your entire body from head to toe and from the inside out—unlike too short, old school resistance exercise bands. Our duel High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), 360° strength resistance movement progressions are cutting edge, and will engage all your major Anatomical Muscle Slings due to our Cross-Core Tubing System. Period. (*University studies show that our total body core centric workouts engage a whopping 622 percent more than a standard floor crunch, and BURNs up to 1,000 calories per hour too!) The Core Transformer® is a versatile stand-alone product that easily pairs with other small fitness tools, such as heavy med balls, stability balls and slides etc.
No gimmicks—just your body and our bands!
Instruction Manual Includes:
  • Fifty-two pages with easy-to-follow and clearly numbered step color photos
  • Dozens of FUNctional progressive core movement sequences including standing winter and summer sports athletic performance, strength training, mat Pilate's, barre method and yoga inspired fusion
  • Spiral binding that makes it easy to carry in your gym bag and then quickly flip to a page(s)
  • In-depth first chapter that explains three dimensional total body core training including clear "how to" movement application(s)
$ 32.00