How It Works

“As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer to celebrities and famous sports teams, let me give you the real skinny about how to get 6-Pack Abs. Up until now you’d have to do a combination of two totally separate workouts. First, you’d have to devote the time to performing regular strength training to sculpt your abs flat and chiseled. Then, you’d have to perform intense cardio workouts to help shed that stubborn, top layer of belly fat.

That’s why I created my new Core Transformer®. It’s an 2-in-1 strength training, AND fat burning, head-to-toe workout system that works every inch of your body—beginning first and always with your core. 

In recent studies, we’ve found that people BURN up to 1,000 CALORIES PER HOUR using the Core Transformer®! (Testing by Body Bugg analysis.) That’s because it absolutely strengthens and targets every muscle from every angle in your entire body to the max.

And get this! Instead of all that high-impact, intensive aerobic work you’d also do, the Core Transformer® is virtually a zero impact workout. That means it’s healthy for your joints, your muscles, and for your bones! Now, we all need that!”

Core Transformer Creator Exercise Physiologist, Linda LaRue, RN MEd ATC

The secret is Linda’s Core Transformer® that cranks up the intensity and works your muscles from the inside out using her 3-Dimensional, Constant, X-Core Resistance Conditioning Tubing System. It’s been seamlessly engineered to direct all the workload or force towards your body’s natural, deepest core muscles 3-dimensionally, especially your important abdominal muscle, the Transverse Abdominis (or your natural back brace that also keeps your mid-section flat). As you move through the elite, athlete moves along with Pilates and yoga inspired fusion moves developed by core performance guru, Linda LaRue, made fun—not frustrating, the X naturally moves right along with your center of gravity, to strengthen your core maximally by keeping a constant, core connection. You’ll work your entire torso and core; from front-to-back, side-to-side, and top-to-bottom. Best of all, you’ll feel these exercises targeting your deepest lower abdominals to create tight, flat, sculpted abs—along with melting that top layer of body fat fast.

The uniquely patented, 3-dimensional, constant resistance Core Transformer® system keeps you in your customized fat-burning zone. You’ll build lean muscle in all the right places, plus you’ll sculpt your shoulders and back, tame that triceps jiggle, build a tighter butt, a strong back, and of course, flat, chiseled very sexy abs.

*The Core Transformer is made from sustainable rubber trees, so it’s an eco-friendly product.