Read our completely positive review in the LA Times. The reviewer, Roy Wallack,  found no dislikes! What’s not to like? The Core Transformerengage(s) every plane of motion, getting significant resistance through a variety of floor exercises… Effective and inexpensive, it weighs about 7 ounces and fits into a sock.Entire Article



The American Council on Exercise (ACE) reviewed the Core Transformer and agreed with others that the Ab Core 3D 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout Kit and 3D Fat BURN Fusion DVD “train your entire body from every angle – top-to-bottom, front-to-back and side-to-side – with minimal impact to the joints.“ Entire Article

Shape Magazine

In SHAPE’s article, “The Best Ab Exercises You’ve Never Seen Before”, Linda walks you step by step through a multi-effective exercise that will work your lower body and core at the same time. Try this innovative approach to traditional squats. The Stability Wall Squat “is a killer challenge for the abs too.” Entire Article

Read the review on Breaking Muscle that suggests our specialty workout tubes and routines are a good option for women who have had recent pregnancies or are post C-section and “need a strengthening workout that doesn’t isolate the abdominal muscles like standard crunches.“ Entire Article

Read the positive review of the Core Transformer on the Fitness Test Drive website!
“There’s constant core training happening, or, as Linda puts it, the Core Transformer “shrink-wraps your entire midsection.” Yes, I felt that “shrink-wrapping” effect, and I also felt it working in my upper body – especially shoulders – quite a lot.”  Entire Article

Celebrity Trainer Linda LaRue Talks Core Fitness and the Core Transformer BandsCelebrity Trainer Linda LaRue Talks Core Fitness KCAL 9 NewsWatch Linda Talk About Core Fitness and the Ab Core Transformer Workout Bands!

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