Success Stories

Core Transformer & SOUPer Slim Diet Success Stories

JARED: Lost 22 pounds and 4 inches around his waist in 8 weeks.

“It’s unlike any home workout program I’ve ever done before, because Linda’s total body ab core workout—especially her Athletic Core Set-Up, sets me up for success. Her SOUPer Slim Diet Plan tastes great and is easy to follow for a busy guy like me who hates to cook. I saved me time and money—and got my 6-Pack Abs back too! That’s AWESOME.”


MICHELLE: Lost 15 pounds and 7 inches around her waist in 8 weeks.

“I’m a vegan and animal lover, so diets are always a nightmare for me to figure out. Linda’s SOUPer Slim Diet Plan offers so many easy and simple vegan and eco-friendly, green recipes. Plus, her Core Transformer Workout Resistance Band System completely changed my abs—and the rest of my body too. I love my beautiful, tight new abs. Now my skinny jeans are way too baggy! Thanks Linda:):)!”


KIM: Lost 19 pounds and 8 inches around her waist in 8 weeks.

“After having my second baby, I struggled to lose my 20 pregnancy pounds—not to mention that awful lower-belly pouch sag—that just wouldn’t go away no matter how many crunches I did on the floor. With SOUPer Slim I was able to finally lose my baby weight without starving. And with the Core Transformer workout, my belly fat really came off—especially that lower belly pooch. Plus, my husband lost weight too! He loves having my new (old) body back, and so do I…LOL
Thanks Linda, we love you!”


CHELLE: Lost 18 pounds and 8 inches from her waist in 8 weeks.

“What I loved was that Linda’s 8 Week SOUPer Slim Diet Plan and her total body ab core performance Core Transformer workout combo, not only helped me to lose weight and get in shape, but my husband also lost 12 pounds—and he wasn’t even trying!”


GWEN: Lost 14 pounds and 6 inches from her waist in 8 weeks

“I loved the simple and yummy recipes that saved me time and money. And, the Core Transformer workouts kicked-me-to the-core in all the right places that needed tightening–especially my abs, shoulders and arms. I’m finally able to fit in all my favorite clothes like my skinny jeans and summer dresses.”


ROY: Lost 22 pounds and 8 inches from his waist in 8 weeks.

“One word for Linda’s core performance 3D, 360 program, Lifesaver. I was really concerned about time due to my job, but her system fit easily into my super-busy work schedule. Besides getting my 6-Pack Abs back, I strengthened my back too. Like I said one word…Lifesaver.”