Recommended by some of LA’s professional sports teams and celebrity trainers, the blast-more-fat CORE TRANSFORMER is taking the nation by storm. Here are top trainers in Los Angeles who love it, and use the belly-blasting CORE TRANSFORMER with all their clients as their total body core performance training system of choice:

Nicole Dorsey, M.S., Exercise Physiologist and Regular Contributor to SHAPE and FITNESS Magazines

NicoleAnytime I can steamroll through a fast and effective ab workout and also sculpt my arms, legs and butt in the process, sign me up! I think the CORE TRANSFORMER® is an efficient cross-training tool for nearly any fitness level. It’s also a great addition to any home gym.

Jeffrey Scott, Reebok Master Trainer, International Fitness Presenter, Certified Personal Trainer and Master Group Exercise Instructor

Jeffery ScottI use the CORE TRANSFORMER® with all of my clients. It’s one of the most fun and effective fitness tools I have ever used. My clients are losing two to three pounds per week…and they haven’t changed their eating habits one bit!

Dumas Martin, B.S. Exercise Science ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Dumas MartinThe CORE TRANSFORMER® is a phenomenal way to work your core in all planes of motion. With any movement you perform, the CORE TRANSFORMER®’s 3-Deminsional, constant resistance will maximize your caloric expenditure and get you ripped—especially your abs—just like mine.

Teri Ann Krefting, NASM, Yoga, and Keiser Certified

Terri AnnMy clients love the CORE TRANSFORMER®. There’s no ab exercise that compares to the workout they get with the CORE TRANSFORMER®.

Raneir Pollard, B.S. Exercise Physiology, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Raneir PollardAs a tennis playing fanatic, its so important for me to be able to stay low and generate power through rotational movements. This product has improved my game so much—and I love it for that. It’s so incredibly versatile and functional! It’s all my clients’ new, favorite workout tool.

Marianne Chambers

Marianne ChambersThe CORE TRANSFORMER® workout is my favorite exercise routine to date. It enhances my core strength, while tightening and leaning out my entire body. I burn more calories in 30 minutes using The CORE TRANSFORMER® than I do an hour-long personal training session. Linda LaRue is an exercise genius, The CORE TRANSFORMER® is the best workout I’ve ever done!

Kim Truman, B.S. Exercise Physiology High Performance Athletic Trainer/Lifestyle and Wellness Coach- NASM, CHEK HLC, MT ADVISOR

Kim Truman

Linda LaRue’s CORE TRANSFORMER® is an absolute must have product! The CORE TRANSFORMER® targets and challenges your muscles from every angle allowing for your core to be engaged the whole time. My clients are loving the CORE TRANSFORMER® and are amazed how great they feel after working out. Linda has done a incredible job creating, researching and having the science to back it up!!!